Do You Really Need a Consultation Before Botox Injections?


Many potential Botox patients ask the question, "Do I really have to get a consultation before Botox treatment?" The answer is yes -- a definite yes! There are several good reasons why having a Botox consultation is so important, so read on to find out how the consultation process can help you. 

Why You Need to Say "Yes" to That Botox Consultation

The first, and most important, thing to know about Botox is that it's different than all those wrinkle creams or other wrinkle treatments. Botox is a prescription medicine that can only be administered by a highly trained medical professional. Like any other prescription medicine, it's essential that you talk with a trained doctor or nurse before you use it. 

During your consultation, you'll discuss a few very important things with your Bel Viso MedSpa practitioner. This includes:

  • Discussion of your medical history

  • Discussion of your goals for Botox treatment

  • Evaluation of your skin and your facial muscle movement

  • Discussion of possible side effects (they're very rare)

  • Recommendations for your aftercare (there's no downtime, but you'll need to take a few precautions to protect your skin)

Next, you can make your decision! If you decide that Botox is the right choice for you, you can usually proceed with your treatment right away. You'll sign a consent form to verify that your Bel Viso MedSpa practitioner discussed Botox with you in detail and that you're ready to have the treatment. 

After the Consultation: What You Can Expect From Botox

Your Botox appointment will typically be quite quick and easy. Most patients don't have any significant pain during Botox treatment because at Bel Viso we use ultra-slender sterile needles. If you're uncomfortable at all, your treatment practitioner can apply ice packs for quick relief, and topical anesthetic is available if you need it. 

Your Botox injections follow a specific pattern mapped out by your Bel Viso practitioner. This allows for the muscles that cause your wrinkles to be targeted very effectively. With only a quick series of injections, it's all over and you're ready to enjoy the amazing effects of Botox. 

The Botox Benefits You Should Know About

Botox takes effect gradually. It usually kicks in a couple days after your treatment, and you'll typically see the ultimate benefits at 7-10 days post-treatment. As your Botox takes effect, you'll notice that the fine lines and wrinkles fade away, your skin looks smoother, and you look more rested. 

Botox can be a great way to take years off your face without having to go through invasive procedures like face lift. One of the best things about Botox is that it's long-lasting: your treatment lasts at least three months, and future treatments are even quicker and easier than the first one because you've already done your consultation. 

Ready to Schedule Your Botox Consultation Now?

Ready to schedule your Botox consultation? The sooner you do so, the sooner you can enjoy all of the amazing benefits of Botox. Give us a call at (937) 231-8194 or get in touch online now. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!